Sunday, Ap. 13, 2014 NY Times Magazine Article and My Comments


This NY Times article is a bit slanted, maybe in favor, of Brazil’s opposition to Dilma, Lula and the PT.  But at least it is not reporting on Lula’s “excessive” drinking as the Times did several years ago.

Certainly, it is true that Brazil has a long history of abandoned projects.  The military government is probably still the best example of nationalistic missteps.  The PT’s now long reign has been plagued with corruption and incompetence.  At the same time, it is a bit heartening to see all of the press critiques.  There is an ongoing struggle between the traditional media oligarchs: Globo, Abril, Estadao, Folha, etc and the new media, social media and the means of communication not directly controlled or affiliated with the political system, ie blogs etc.  The problem is that in Brazil most people still get most of their information via the TV and Globo remains the dominant source of news.  Of course, Globo has longed walked the tight rope of not offending too directly the government and ostentatiously supporting the government as long as there is a coincidence of material interests.  Globo continues to receive advertising dollars from all sorts of government and government related enterprises.

State capitalism is alive and well and most Brazilians would be happy to work for BB or Petrobras.  It is going to take a long time to wean us from the state and please don’t mess with my INSS pension…right?!

Tem alguem que nao esta de rabo preso?



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