Tragic Events and Business as Usually Unusual in Brazil

Passividade e acomodacao diante da repeticao da tragedia!


November finds continued confusion in Brazil. In spite of ample evidence of undeclared monies from corrupt activities, Eduardo Cunha carries on as President of the House of Representatives and Congress is stalled and unproductive. Meanwhile, Judge Sergio Moro continues to hold a large group of Brazil’s business elite in jail on related charges including the Petrobras scandal. President Dilma appears perturbed, yet aloof.

On November 5, the Samarco disaster in Mariana, literally muddied everything from my home state of Minas Gerais east to the Atlantic Ocean. On Friday the 13th, the jihadists killed and injured hundreds in Paris in another act of wanton, but purposeful, violence.

Mariana and Paris serve as symbols of public victimization and impotence.

In Brazil, the President paid little attention to the mounting death toll and environmental catastrophe in Mariana and Minas Gerais. She only visited the locale a week after the tailing dam ruptured. Meanwhile…

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