All Abroad Consulting and Talk 2 Brazil Interview

I recently returned from a three week sojourn to Brazil and while there I was interviewed by Tom Reaoch on his Talk2Brazil Program.

Here is the link:

The interview is in English and last about 25 minutes.

Also below is the introduction from the Talk2Brazil site:

Steve Scheibe, Brazil Expert, President at All Abroad Consulting.

 Steve Scheibe, President at All Abroad Consulting

All Abroad, based in Southern California, specializes in consulting, match-making, export management, sales and follow up for customers in Brazil, Mexico and the United States. Additionally, provides services such as virtual office, customer service, basic research and translations.

Specialties: Assist Brazilian and Mexican companies with export management, distribution and sales and market research. Working with US companies doing set up, sourcing and location analysis in Mexico and Brazil. All Abroad has excellent contacts in the food and beverage, reclaimed wood, furniture, pulp, paper and industrial packaging industries.

All Abroad also provides services to US companies interested in selling to or manufacturing in Brazil and have also expanded activities to include franchising.



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