US National Team in Brazil: Training Starts with a Loss

The US National Soccer Team has been in Brazil for a couple days and is checking out the training sites and letting a group of players get a taste of Brazil and what the team will face when the World Cup begins in June.  The US is in a difficult group with Ghana, Portugal and Germany.

Yesterday, Klinsman’s team played Sao Paulo Football Club at Morumbi stadium in secret.  Gates were closed and the outcome was not suppose to be announced.  Nevertheless, national teams will find it hard to train in secret and the Brazilian press will certainly have more and better spies than the NSA and CIA combined.  Sao Paulo finished an average 9th place out of 20 first division teams in last year’s national championship series but still beat the US team 2 x 1 yesterday.  The US was not up to full strength as Klinsman took pretty much only players from the MSL.  It is a good experience and a taste of the difficulty the US will face in June.  The team’s debut against Ghana is a must win.

Security was tight and, reportedly, helicopters were policing the training site where the United States will prepare for its future games.

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